My New Moon Ritual

Much like my spirituality, my new moon manifesting ritual is a little eclectic. In this post, I share my new moon manifesting ritual. This is best done three days before or after the new moon. Best bet, the day before, of, or after. With the super moon in Gemini coming up on June 14 at 12:43pm PT I wanted to share and give you time to join in with me!

At the end of this post, I have a surprise for you, so stay tuned!

beautiful young woman with stylish jewelry. night dream concept

When the moon is dark and invisible, I set new moon intentions for myself. Usually, I make anywhere from 3-5. You could technically make as many wishes as you’d like, but I don’t commit to more than that. You’ll see what I mean later.

Making new moon wishes in the dark of and allowing those quiet seeds of possibility be planted while no one else is watching seemed exhilarating to me. This meant that I could wish big, and wish without judgement, or the usual ridicule and doubt. I was in a season of transformation and growth. I was in between remaining Catholic, turning away and deciding what spirituality was for me, or just walk away from all of it. What had I to lose, wishing to live as the truest form of myself, the butterfly I always knew was inside?

I gathered my materials. Anything that meant anything to me was placed on a table where I could write. A picture of me and my grandmother. She is a huge influence in my life. She dreamed big and achieved more than even she expected for herself. It was my grandmother who introduced me to Catholicism, and the idea of other faiths, spiritualities and beliefs. She even took me to my first yoga class. She had to be at my new moon manifestation ritual. I added a tiny brass jeweled elephant. Another nod to my grandmother as she wore them all the time, but also because of their symbolism. Elephants are strong, never forget, are loyal and wise. I wanted all of those qualities with me. I had a candle, some incense, a journal and pen. This was just to create a sacred space. I wanted the setting to be just as sacred as the ritual. If that means essential oils instead of incense, a giraffe instead of an elephant, sage clearing or palo santo, what matters is that it matters to you.

I cleared the space (and myself) with a sage bundle. Then I lit my candle. Well, it was a tealight (use what you have!) I took a few deep breaths into my belly and began to quiet my mind. After a few breaths, I began the process of relaxing and scanning my body. Where there was tension, I breathed into it and tried to relax a little more. I thought about what I would look like if I were truly happy? What would I look like? How would I sound? Where would I be going for lunch? You get the gist. Over time, I created the image in my minds eye of what free felt like for me. I fluttered my eyes open and holding on to that image, I thought about how I could make that image a reality.

I fluttered my eyes open and started to write.

In the present tense, I wrote about yoga as a profession, my marriage, my circle of friends,

abundance and spirituality. For example, instead of writing “I will be a great tarot reader”. I wrote, “I am an intuitive, empathic tarot reader. I read confidently, and give clients the deep, truthful medicine they are looking for”.

After I wrote a few wishes that made my soul burn just thinking about them (are there any other kind worth wishing?), I added a few others that weren’t as huge as the other wishes. Like goal setting, you want to make some achievable to keep you motivated. The same applies to making new moon wishes. If all you have are massive, pie in the sky wishes, that may take some time for everything to align. You want to keep the energy of manifestation moving. I then wrote my wishes in dry erase marker on the mirror in my bedroom.

When I was all done, I knew I had to prepare for the real work. Manifesting isn’t just making a wish and calling it a day. There is work required by you. If you want something, it can’t be the Universe that does all the legwork. I continually showed the universe that I meant what I wished for. Using this same example, I started to do tarot readings for myself and journaled all of the cards for every reading. I created another journal where I listed out each card and created a reference for myself. I read for my husband, friends, and on social media. I listened to podcasts and read books. I signed up for a few classes with readers that I admire. You see, the real juice with tarot is intuition anyway. How better to strengthen that, than by feeling confident in my technical (as much as you can get with tarot) knowledge? That’s all I was really asking for. The strengthening of my intuition (and you know what that looked like is all in my journal!). The bringing back of my mojo, so to speak.

Now can you imagine if you had 10 wishes? That’s a lot to keep track of and work toward. I did this my first month and I was so overwhelmed. Slow and steady wins the race.

In subsequent phases of the moon, I check in with my wish list. I write down any notable events related to the wishes in my journal. I also check in to see if my wishes are still relevant to me. If the only constant is change, it makes total sense that my feelings or sense of urgency I felt during the new moon, could change.

When it comes to my tarot wish, I was able to cross it out completely.

About a month ago, I received a message from my yoga studio asking if I would read tarot cards as part of a “self care day” next month with other healing modalities being offered. I’m so glad I kept my new moon wishes. I was able to go back and cross it off, but made sure to record the date, just for fun. I wanted to see how long it took. Some people burn their new moon wishes, but I prefer to keep them around and refer back to them. I love to see the timing, and evolution of my wishes.

As a recap, here’s how I make new moon wishes:

Gather your items.

Get candles, incense, sage, a picture of someone who inspires you, or inspires strength in you. Crystals, essential oils, a cup of tea if that helps, or even a little statue of your favorite animal.

Grab a journal (I use a plain composition book), and a pen and set up your space.

Set up your space.

Wherever you’ve chosen to spend this time, whether at a table, kitchen counter, desk, the floor (careful with candles here!) set up your space so you have room to set up your soul. If you want to burn sage to clear the energy of the space you’ll be working in, bonus!

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Shot in the arm ! K N I G H T of S W O R D S . You are moving with such a swiftness, and courage it's really incredible. If you are heading into some shit with your swift sword high above you ready to cut it all down, be sure your heart is in the right place. Be sure that what your fighting for is right, whether for you, or the person/people/issues you want to protect. Otherwise, we have to look at what the motives are here . If you're not looking to aim that sword of truth and justice for a higher cause, you are being shady AF. And you know it. Hell, even the horse knows it. See how it looks back at the Knight like, ummmmm you sure, partner?? Don't let shit get ugly. Keep your intentions on the up and up. Sometimes it's not about just you. ⚔️

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Set up your soul.

Light your candle or incense. Sit in a comfortable chair, or on the floor. Take a few deep breaths and settle the mind. Begin to scan the body and breathe into spaces of tension. Think about who you are at your most free. What do you look like? Where are you going? What do your bedsheets look like? You get the picture. Really get specific. When you’re relaxed you can open your eyes and begin to write.

Begin to write.

Write down the wishes that burn your soul. You know, the ones that fire you up. Make sure your wishes are in the present tense. The Universe won’t conspire with you on something you believe you already have (words are powerful). Be sure to add some achievable smaller wishes on the list. Keep that energy right. When you’ve whittled your list down to 3-5 it’s time to get to work.

Get to work.

Take your list and put it where you can see it. This could mean have it up on the refrigerator, write them in dry erase board on your bathroom mirror (or less dramatic on a post it note). You could even write one for each place you frequent throughout the day. This will keep your wishes before you at all times. Recalling that energy of the new moon every time you see it and read the words you wrote. Depending on what you wished for, you’ll want to learn more about the subject, lean into situations that present themselves where you ordinarily wouldn’t, meditate, exercise, journal whatever will help keep you in that space of flow. Don’t forget to check back in.

Check back in.

Refer back to your wishes and write down any progress you made towards them. Was there anything that happened that is aligned with the outcome of any of these wishes? Are there any you can cross out? Add the date on there too. This is great to look back on because it’s a concrete reminder that you can make things happen with the Universe’s help! You can do this daily, or at waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous.

Then we have our full moon, which is all about releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us. But let’s save that ritual for next time.

A few other tips:

  • Be sure to write neatly and cleanly. You want to show the Universe that you are taking this seriously. Nothing says I don’t care more than tomato sauce and wine from dinner spilled onto your wishlist.
  • Make sure you set aside time for this ritual. Try to go to a quiet room, if possible. You want to give this time all of your attention and focus.
  • Each month, be sure to update your wishes on a fresh clean page. With the full moon, you’ve shed the old. Don’t bring the old into the present. Ever.
  • Sometimes, I take an epsom salt bath on before I start. It’s a great way to clear your energy completely, and prepare for this ritual.
  • To keep track of where the moon is in it’s cycle and what zodiac sign it’s in, I use Deluxe Moon app.

Wanna go deeper?

I always add a New Moon tarot spread to my personal ritual.

With tarot we attempt to help people understand themselves, and what life holds for them by creating a story of their lives. – Rachel Pollack

In the spirit of new, I have just added a New Moon spread to my offerings. Each month, I’ll open my books for New Moon readings one day prior, the day of, and the day after each new moon. Let’s create a story around your life during the New Moon in Gemini around communication, your thoughts and what you believe about yourself. Each month’s spreads will be flavored by the sign it’s in. Connect with me here and let’s talk!


  • June 12-14 Gemini: Communication and thoughts.
  • July 11-13 Cancer Emotions and your nurturing instincts.
  • August 10-12 Leo More emotions, but more ‘about you’ emotions. Think you, in a powersuit.

Are you ready for the New Super Moon in Gemini on Wednesday at 12:43pm PT? What are some of your wishes (if you’d like to share!).

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