A Peek into My Tarot Journal

I thought I would share my tarot journal with you. A tarot journal is so important for a reader. This is where you write your reflections, spreads you love, happenings, and so much more. I use a purple composition book and write my heart out every morning. This is how I start:

Time: 11:55AM ET

Moon: 10.2% waxing crescent ♌

☉♊ v/c 6/17 11:25PM to 6/18 4:40AM

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Clear Quartz

Shuffled cards. Pulled from Centennial Smith Waite, Rebel Deck, and the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle.

I see an entire story play out in my head and felt my usual rush of ‘deep knowing’ then thought “How? It can’t ever be that easy can it?

A Peek into my Journal 2 Currently Cristina

Didn’t I pull that recently?

Eat your fucking vegetables”?

Open my phone to check my IG feed.

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It seems you all prefer the push to the gentle nudge for shot in the arm tarot readings. Here's the lazy edition. Lazy because I didn't get up from my chair to get you a white background shot. Forgive me? Of course you do . I I I of W A N D S . Rx You've fallen off the wagon haven't you? All the structure you put into place for writing that novel, losing those last 10 pounds, walking 10k steps a day, writing down what you're grateful for before bed each night. Whatever your wagon is, you've kinda lost track a bit. That's totally ok. We accept the entire journey, not just the parts we shine at (that's called ego). Lucky for us, we get another shot, a clean slate, every single day. Do what you promised yourself you would do. Get back to work. The shortcut is the actual work. Didn't you know?

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Hmmm, two days ago. I’ll reshuffle the Rebel Deck and pull another card to see if my initial rush was, in fact, a fluke.

“Imagine that I pull the same card?! HA!”

and what comes back out?


So this IS totally the medicine.

Why do I doubt myself…

Five of Pentacles Rx (Reversed), Elderberry Ritual, “Eat your fucking vegetables.”.

Ok. Here we go…

You’ve lost just about everything you can. Everything has been picked over and there’s nothing left. Is that really true? That you have nothing left? You may allow circumstances to knock you down but you always, always have your roots. Do you see them in the stained glass of the card? Each root ending in stars.

A Peek into my Journal 6 Currently Cristina

You’ve just been pruned back to your roots, given another chance to really start over and get it all right this time. By right, you mean authentic. Right for you. Not the right you’ve worn like a bad Party City costume.

So how do you grow your roots upward again (and finally)? How do you keep them healthy? How do you keep the roots from getting gnarled the moment you flicker a look at something else?

A Peek into my Journal 7 Currently Cristina

Elderberry / Ritual.

Hello? Hmm, Elderberry is a dark purple / blue almost black. Relates to the Third Eye Chakra.

Third eye chakra relates to your inner knowing. Your higher state of consciousness. Developed with meditation and yoga. Interesting.

From The Hedgewitch’s Field Guide by Siolo Thompson.

Mentioned in many early texts on magic + witchcraft. Each elder tree is believed to hold a feminine guardian spirit known as the Elder Tree Mother or “Hylde-Moer”.

I gotta look her up. (Add it to the list 😒).

Grabs phone and Googles the definition for the word ritual as a jumping off point, another crumb on the trail.

Here it is, ritual:

Ritual: a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

This means we start small, with rituals. Waking up in the morning, planting our feet on the ground, and saying thank you. Doesn’t matter to whom or what, even if it’s you, so long as it is important to you personally, and deeply. Say ‘thank you’ to the soul’s recognition of creation.

A Peek into my Journal 4 Currently Cristina

Oh, and eat your fucking vegetables!! Connect to the earth in some way every day. Make this a ritual, too. From eating whole foods, to walking barefoot on the grass, to sitting under a tree. The secret to growing solid roots into a beautifully blossoming plant?

Coming home to, and embracing every part of who we are: the hidden beauty of our roots, and what we share on the surface that pales in comparison.

I blow out my candle.

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